A career in law enforcement can be challenging of course, but also has many benefits besides the pay and retirement potential.

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Law enforcement officers like fire fighters are public servants and can truly make a huge impact in the community they work.

For those seeking a career in law enforcement and actively enrolled in a two- or four-year law enforcement college program, the City of Duluth Police Department has a great Community Service Officer Internship Program in place.

As a Community Service Officer, you'll help provide front desk coverage and also respond to low-level calls for service.  As you learn more about what it's like to work in law enforcement, you'll also be paid while gaining that experience.

Besides the broader base of experience, you'll benefit from expedited training, and learn more in-depth about departmental procedures.  All of which can of course help you land a job on the Duluth Police Department once you graduate from college.

While not for everyone, law enforcement can be a great career route to take and if it is the path you choose, why not get a jump start on it while in college.  Even if you're law enforcement career takes out of the area to another department in another city, the experience and knowledge can only help you going forward.

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