We live in Superior, Wisconsin and the roads around our home aren't that bad, thankfully.

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Like any city though, there are usually streets and alleys in need of repair, usually because of potholes.

City of Superior Mayor Jim Paine recently made a post on Facebook about additional funds going to road repair in 2024:

As you can see, they will be addressing problem areas and if your road or alley is one of them, you can also make a request on their website.

It's a simple form to fill-out, and we did this a couple of seasons ago to get our alley potholes filled.  I can't speak for others, but I can say it was within a week that the city went through and did some proper patching.

Unfortunately, with the last couple of winters, especially the one before last, a number was done on the patch work.  Part of living in our climate with the freeze and thaw cycles means blacktop and patches just don't hold up that well.

If you do live in Superior, hit up the city on their Pothole Reporting Page to get your street or alley on the list.  They can't hit them all every year, but they especially might not if they don't know there is an issue.

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