One food I think almost everyone thinks of for the Christmas season is cookies.

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They are an item that you'll find in offices, company parties, and of course most Christmas parties you attend.  They are also the reason some people end up gaining weight over the holidays.  Still, despite the weight gain, some are delicious and some not so much.

Of course, taste is subjective, but I wanted to see what your favorite Christmas cookie is.  I'm fortunate to have a phenomenal cook/baker for a wife.  I don't think I've met a Christmas cookie she made that wasn't good, though I get snippy when the ginger ones are put next to the others as the taste will transfer(huge struggle, I know).  My wife is also the type that spends days in the kitchen preparing Christmas cookies every year, and I get to be the taste tester.

Penny Danger's Christmas Cookies- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Penny Danger's Christmas Cookies- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

My personal favorite is the Jam Thumbprint Cookie.  It has the sweet and sticky jam in the middle on top of a buttery shortbread tasting bottom.  It's the perfect combination especially when they are extra fresh.  A very close second would be anything made with peanut butter, this usually is a Peanut Butter Blossom.  You know, the ones with the peanut butter cookie and a Hershey Kisses on top.

I'll broaden the game a little bit, between Christmas fudge, thumbprints, snickerdoodles, ginger snaps, sugar cookies, or a family recipe favorite, what's your favorite Christmas cookie?  Also, if you have a dynamite recipe, do you care to share it?

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