I stay in a lot of hotels for my other gig and when I travel for work or pleasure.

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Sometimes those hotels can be really nice places, honestly too fancy for me, and other times I would call them average.  They all vary of course from different services and amenities but there is something I see that many still do which surprises me.

I'm talking about the slipping of the hotel bill under your door on your last night of a stay there. To me, it seems a bit dated and archaic, as many of us book our rooms online, and many hotels don't even require a checkout anymore, or you can checkout from your mobile phone.

Just last week I had a few days stay at a decent hotel, and to my surprise when I woke, there at the door was my hotel bill/receipt.  As I stopped at the front desk to officially checkout, I asked why they do that, and was told, "we just do".

Not that I'm bothered by it, but it just seems like a waste of paper and effort on the part of the staff to go around and do that each night, especially when they email me a bill too.

It's odd to me that in 2024 hotels are still doing some things pretty old school and seemingly unnecessarily.  What odd or archaic things are you still seeing on your hotel stays?

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