Did you know that over 70% of Americans check their phones between two and five times per hour while on vacation? Summertime represents an opportunity for small businesses to make the most of customers’ high spirits, relaxed attitudes, and increased smartphone use. With so many people jetting off on vacation or basking in warmer weather and longer days, it’s worth tailoring your marketing efforts to suit their summery moods and activities.

To spark inspiration for your next campaign, we’ve put together a list of creative email marketing ideas for small business owners. Here are some summer email campaign ideas to try if…

1. You’re in the hospitality industry

Summer is a lucrative time for the hospitality industry, as people take time out of work to relax and treat loved ones to hotel stays, vacations, restaurant meals, and exciting events. A high-quality email marketing campaign will ensure your business remains competitive and you attract as many new punters as possible. Campaigns to try include:

  • Exclusive vacation packages: Send an email containing irresistible offers, such as complimentary meals and drinks, discounted spa services, or free nights away. Just remember to select offers that suit your budget and are likely to generate a steady revenue stream.
  • Competitions: Who would say no to a complimentary vacation? Running a competition is a great way to create a buzz around your business and boost customer loyalty.
  • Communications highlighting seasonal activities: Showcase the summer activities your business offers, from days by the hotel pool to al fresco meals with friends. Just remember to include plenty of sun-drenched photography that sells a dream of summer indulgence.

2. Your business tends to thrive in winter

Some businesses attract more business during the winter months. For example, people visit auto repair shops more often during cold weather, as vehicles are more vulnerable to ice and snow. Movie theaters, fitness centers, and indoor event companies are also less popular during summer, as people attempt to spend more time in the great outdoors.

Fortunately, it’s possible to combat summer downturns through effective email marketing. Tips and tricks to attract customers include:

  • Summer discount emails: One of the simplest ways to get people through the door during summer months is to offer discounts on seasonal goods. While most people wouldn’t naturally purchase a big winter jacket when it’s 90 degrees outside, they may feel more inclined to do so if they can enjoy a generous discount.
  • ‘It’s never too early’ emails: People are more likely to purchase goods and services if they feel a sense of urgency or fear of missing out (FOMO). Why not encourage people to miss the winter rush and invest in your goods and services before it’s too late?
  • Educational content: With more time on their hands, your customers may appreciate receiving longer emails with educational content during the summer months. Sending blog-like emails or links to helpful articles will prepare them to spend when the weather cools down. For example, a ski rental service could send information about the physical benefits of skiing, while a towing service could write about the threats winter poses to vehicles.

3. You sell summer essentials

If you sell summertime essentials such as air conditioning systems, gardening services, summer health products, dog sitting services, or seasonal street food, you probably won’t have much trouble driving sales. However, it’s worth capitalizing on your seasonal success to help you weather the more difficult winter months. Strategies to consider include:

  • Last-minute deals: While some consumers plan their summer activities well in advance, others leave everything to the last minute. Whether you’re selling holidays or air conditioning systems, last-minute email marketing campaigns represent a great way to capture the interest of people looking to purchase
  • End-of-summer sales: As the summer season winds down, an end-of-summer sale will help you mop up any remaining customer interest before the winter season rolls in. Back-to-school and back-to-work campaigns are an especially effective option for many retailers.

4. Your small business is located near a major summer event

Major events often take place around summertime. From tennis tournaments to music festivals, events tend to attract tourists from far and wide, presenting opportunities for local businesses to boost leads and sales. Make the most of the crowds with the following summer email marketing ideas:

  • Run a photo competition: Encourage visitors to enter their best shots of the event into a competition. As well as building brand loyalty, you’ll likely build a healthy list of new email subscribers as people catch wind of the competition. Just remember to capture their details via your competition submission form!
  • Countdown emails: Sending emails counting down to the event will ensure people think of your brand when the big day arrives.
  • Informative emails about your presence at the event: If you’re manning a stall at the event, remember to circulate an email detailing how to find your business and what you have to offer.

5. Your business offers home improvement

Many people tackle home improvement projects during the summer as pleasant weather conditions provide the perfect opportunity to conduct repairs and upgrades. Summer email campaign ideas for plumbers, roofers, contractors, interior designers, and other home improvement businesses could include:

  • Informative guides: Emails containing helpful links and tips about summer projects represent a great way to inspire your customer base and encourage them to invest in home improvements. Communications don’t need to be overly salesy – simply provide valuable advice customers will use and cherish.
  • Time-sensitive deals: Instill a sense of urgency in your customer base by reminding them to make the most of the summer month. Remember to include plenty of attractive images of completed projects to demonstrate your high-quality services.

Ace your summer email marketing with Townsquare

As you can see, there are heaps of summer email campaign ideas small businesses can use to boost revenue during the warmer months. However, every business is different and will need to tailor their messaging to suit its audience, location, sector, and more. This is where Townsquare Interactive comes in.

As well as providing effective email marketing templates and automation services, our experts are on hand to deliver bespoke assistance. We’ll help you craft the perfect email marketing ideas that will ensure you make the most of (almost) everyone’s favorite season. To discover more about our business management platform and marketing servicescontact us today.

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