Cole Sprouse dropped some major bombshells during his interview on the popular podcast Call Her Daddy.

Cole, whose episode dropped Wednesday (March 8), sat down with host Alex Cooper to discuss everything from his twin brother Dylan Sprouse to his publicized breakup with Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart. He also opened up about what his childhood was like before The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Before, check out five of the wildest revelations from his interview.

1. His Brother Dylan Was a 'Huge' Bully in High School

Cole admitted his twin brother and fellow actor Dylan, who played Zack on their Disney Channel show The Suite Life, was a "huge bully" to other students in school.

"He would beat them up. Then I became known as the twin that would come up and be like, ‘I’m so sorry for my brother,'" he shared.

Interestingly, in a past interview with Delish, Cole's Suite Life co-star Brenda Song noted that Cole "loved to antagonize" his co-stars at times.

2. He Lost His Virginity at 14 During His Suite Life Days

Cole also shared he lost his virginity at just 14 years old, which would have been around the time the second season of Suite Life aired in 2006.

"This is such a great story. I feel like it says so much about me. I was 14 when I lost my virginity, so this is still bowl-cut guy," he said, revealing he was on a family trip in Florida when he met an older girl, before adding that the story "makes him nervous, it's so cringy."

"I finally mustered up enough courage to deliver a line that my brother [Dylan] has never, ever let down from me. I looked at her, and I was like, ‘So, are you like, DTF?’ She goes, ‘What?’ And I go, ‘You know, down to f---?’ I was 14," he revealed.

3. He Ended Things With Lili Reinhart but Wishes They Broke Up Sooner

Cole first called his and his Riverdale co-star's breakup "mutual," but when pressed he admitted he was the first to walk away from the relationship.

"I know we both did quite a bit of damage to each other ... I think if I had loved myself a little more, I probably would have left a little earlier, but I just felt like I had to take care of a lot of people, which was not good for me. I probably should have exercised a bit more selfishness in that situation," he added.

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He added that he and Lili are still "good friends" and "work really well together."

However, he also claimed he has been cheated on by "almost every single" one of his exes.

4. He and Dylan Were Part of a 'School Cult' in Italy

Within the first few minutes of the interview, Cole casually revealed that he and his brother were born in Italy during a time when his parents were "part of a school slash cult."

He noted that he "can't really figure out what it was" but said their mother was an art teacher while their father was a physical education teacher.

The family later moved to Switzerland before the twins' parents got divorced, and Cole's mother took him and Dylan back to the U.S.

5. His Mom Lost All of His and His Brother's Friends and Big Daddy Money

Cole described his and Dylan's early career in commercials and projects such as Friends and Big Daddy as "a great labor exploit" because they were child stars and twins.

"My mother needed an income. It was a means to put bread on the table," he said simply.

When asked about the twins' lives before nabbing their iconic Suite Life roles, Cole claimed his mother eventually lost custody of him and his brother after losing all the money they had made as child stars.

"I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this. In very many ways, I was lucky for it not to be discussed. When my father was given forced custody, we had pretty much lost everything from the youngest parts of our career," Cole claimed.

"That would be Friends and Big Daddy. My mother was an incredibly wonderful and artistic woman, but she was financially the most irresponsible woman ever," he added.

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