A man got revenge on his barber who charged him a $5 late fee by shorting him the same amount when the barber was late for his next appointment.

"So last time I got a haircut I was 10 minutes late because of traffic and my barber has a policy that he charges $5 late fee. It was my first time being late and he didn’t care so he still charged me the late fee so whatever, no problem," the client wrote on Reddit.

Before his next appointment with the barber, the man "got a text from him saying he [would] be a bit late because he’s picking up food."

"I’m already at the barbershop, and he gets here 15 minutes late. So he cuts me, and then I pay him $5 less than I always do and he tells me I gave him the wrong amount. I said, 'No I didn't, you were late, based off your policy it’s a $5 fee so I reduced the amount by $5 since you were late,'" he explained.

The barber became enraged, telling him the rule only applies to customers and that he would need to pay him the full amount.

"I simply said 'No, it’s your policy, this is what happens when you’re late,' and left. I honestly think it’s only fair, if he could charge me for being late, why would I pay full price when he’s late?" the man concluded, adding he's in the market now for a new barber.

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Users applauded the man in the comments, with many slamming the barber for being a hypocrite.

"If you're going to have this policy, make damn sure you are ready and available for your appointments. Yeesh," one person wrote.

"Yep, this barber clearly thinks his time is the only valuable time. Plus he was late because of food? He had an appointment, why was he getting food he had no time to eat since his time was already booked? If it was for later, go later," another user chimed in.

"That barber, like many professional people (doctors, etc...) feel that YOU must value THEIR time, however they do not value YOUR time. F that barber! Your time has value, and that should be respected," a third person commented.

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