Grimes was left defeated after dealing with major technical difficulties during her Coachella set.

On Saturday (Apr. 13), the singer-DJ entered the Sahara Stage on a robotic spider which wowed the crowd. About halfway through her 50-minute show, she had to restart the track, "Music 4 Machines," several times. She told the crowd that they were playing at double the speed in which she planned for.

“This is a difficult thing to explain but we’re having a major technical error,” she told the crowd and attempted to solve the problem with math. “Don’t judge me for being bad a calculating things.”

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She wasn't able to compute it fast enough and remember each song's tempo on the fly. So she then decided to play a handful of unreleased songs without mixes, some of which she even recorded this past week. In between each of the songs, she let out some frustrated screams and said that it was not "actually my fault" and “I’m trying to think. I’m not good enough at math for this s--t.” She promised that next weekend's set would go smoothly. At the end, she played "Genesis," however, her set was cut short by a few minutes and she left the stage.

After her set, she posted a statement to her social media accounts. She shared that she spent months on creating the show from the music to visuals and stage production "and admittedly am not in the best mood atm [at the moment]." She claimed that her technical difficulties were due to outsourcing "essential things like Rekordbox BPM’s and letting someone else organize the tracks on the SD card etc.," and promised fans that next weekend's set will be "flawless, everything will run thru my hands."

See her full explanation, plus reactions to the disastrous Coachella set, below.

Warning: Some tweets contain strong language

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