Kim Kardashians has concerns when it comes to getting Botox and having it affect her career.

In The Kardashians' Season 5 episode "Baby Rocky" (June 20), Kardashian told friends she sold a comedy movie to Netflix called The Fifth Wheel, in which she stars. Kardashian is also producing the film.

"If it happens and it works out, I will feel really accomplished and feel really fulfilled, but who knows? This is just new to me, I'm a little bit green to this," she said of the experience.

Ever since acting roles started pouring in for the fashion mogul, Kardashian has had to "deliver," which means she may eventually need to give up Botox to fully immerse herself in acting.

"I can do a movie a year, I've got about 10 years where I still look good, so that's all I've got in me and then I'll take some time off ... That's my 10-year plan," she said.

"I feel like you need less Botox for more emotion and I don’t have it. I'm not gonna be gaining 500 lbs. for a role… that’s not where I need to be. How am I gonna cry? How am I gonna be scared out of my mind?" Kardashian continued.

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Despite her hesitations, Kardashian is determined to give her all to her blossoming acting career.

"I wasn't planning on this career and was like, I'm not gonna get ahead of myself here. I'm really nervous about it 'cause I have to f---ing deliver. It's such a challenge for me and I want to welcome a challenge, and I'm like, every year I want to do something that makes me so uncomfortable that I really have to challenge myself," she explained.

Over the years, Kardashian has scored minor roles in films such as Disaster Movie, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and Ocean's Eight. 

In more recent years she landed starring roles in two Paw Patrol movies as well as on American Horror Story: Delicate. 

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