Lili Reinhart's rumored new boyfriend recently parodied her ex Cole Sprouse during a podcast appearance.

In March, Jack Martin, TikTok creator and star of NBC's La Brea, made fun of Sprouse's much-maligned Call Her Daddy podcast interview, which went viral after its release last month.

While being interviewed on Call Her Daddy, Sprouse, smoking a cigarette and wearing a semi-unbuttoned white blouse, appeared to place the blame on Reinhart for their breakup, which he admitted he wished would have happened sooner.

Sprouse also claimed he was the first to walk away from the relationship.

"I know we both did quite a bit of damage to each other ... I think if I had loved myself a little more, I probably would have left a little earlier, but I just felt like I had to take care of a lot of people, which was not good for me. I probably should have exercised a bit more selfishness in that situation," Sprouse said during the tell-all chat.

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After Sprouse's Call Her Daddy episode aired, Martin poked fun at the attitude and mannerisms Sprouse exhibited on Call Her Daddy during a sketch segment on the PlanBri Uncut podcast.

In the sketch, Martin, wearing a fully unbuttoned white blouse, makes fun of Sprouse by stuffing a bunch of cigarettes into his mouth, as well as tucking one behind his ear, as he pretentiously chats with the podcast hosts.

"I don't want to place judgment on it," Martin begins when asked about his breakup, his voice muffled from the multitude of cigarettes in his mouth.

"I don't want to place judgment on anyone, but it was her f---ing fault completely," he continues sarcastically.

Watch Martin's parody in full, below:

On April 11, Page Six published photos of Reinhart and Martin kissing and getting close to each other outside of LAX. The publication reports the couple were very casual and that the La Brea star helped his apparent girlfriend with her bags.

It's unclear how long the pair have been dating. Neither Reinhart nor Martin have addressed their rumored relationship publicly as of publishing.

Riverdale co-stars Reinhart and Sprouse dated on and off for three years before they officially ended things in 2020.

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