A man was so furious that his brother proposed to his girlfriend at his wedding that he planned his own petty surprise for his sibling's wedding day.

"My brother said he was going to propose at my wedding. I told him no. That it was a day about myself and my wife and we did not want any distractions. My mom lost her s--t. She said that he wanted family [members] he might not see again for a while to be a part of the proposal. I said I did not give a s--t and that if he did it I would have him kicked out," he wrote on Reddit.

However, his brother proposed anyway, and his mom told him that if he kicked his brother out, she also would leave.

"I just remember seething inside. My brother got married last weekend. Instead of a welcome to the family toast I used the time to announce that we were expecting our first baby," the man recalled.

His mom was furious, but his grandmother told her to "sit down and shut up."

"We spent most of the reception talking to family we would not see again for a while about our coming baby. My mom says I was an a--hole for taking attention away from my brother on his wedding day. She got really mad when I reminded her that she threatened to leave my wedding if I kicked him out after he proposed," he concluded.

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Users applauded the man in the comments, with many praising his grandmother for having his back.

"It's blatantly obvious which one of you is the golden child. Good job to grandma for shutting Mom's bulls--t down. But your bro! He asked, you said no, he did it anyway. That's an easy way to wind up on people's s--t list," one person wrote.

"Always sucks when people dote all love and attention to one of their children while casting off the other. I live for that sort of petty. Your granny is awesome by the way," another user commented.

"Grandma for the win!" someone else joked.

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