A wholesome trend on TikTok is showcasing how our parents enjoyed dancing to music in the '80s and its amassing millions of views.

The #80sdancechallenge went viral after kids started asking their parents to show them how to dance to a catchy '80s beat.

The trend is not only educating newer generations on the grooves of the '80s but also making '80s kids nostalgic for the era they grew up in.

On one TikTok video, someone commented, "Damnit I’m crying again every one of these videos gets me."

"My favorite thing about this trend is you can see their smiles getting bigger the more they dance," someone else wrote in the comments.

"I love this trend. It’s like you can see the young woman come back to them. Beautiful," one person said.

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"If my mom knows I posted this shes gonna be pissed," one TikTok user captioned their video.

"She absolutely ate this up, what i wouldnt give for a time machine," another person captioned their video with over 33 million views.

One person posted their dad and called him the "80s boogie man."

One TikTok creator even edited some of the most popular dancers together into a single video with a club background to really give viewers the full effect.

The trend also made its way to Twitter/X, where people marveled over the throwback dance moves.

"Oh that is muscle memory hunny they were at the CLUB," one person tweeted.

"I wanna dance battle with them all," someone else said in a tweet.

"Each of them came to absolutely F--K UP THE DANCE FLOOR and i love it," another person tweeted.

"This just goes to show how music is changing bc nobody dances to the music we have now like this," another person observed.

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