Taylor Swift fans have some bad blood with whoever allegedly leaked the singer's new album The Tortured Poets Department.

On Wednesday night (April 17) Swift's album reportedly leaked early online, causing "TTPD LEAK" to trend on Twitter/X after some fans got a premature taste of the new tunes.

However, not everyone was keen on partaking in getting a preliminary listen as many Swift fans – a.k.a Swifties – began flooding the trending topic with fake "leaked" songs and other posts in an attempt to block the real leak.

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Fans began employing the Swiftie version of a rickroll by tweeting videos featuring Tortured Poets album art claiming they were a part of the leak.

But when you open the video, the song is completely fake.

In one, a fan used audio of internet personality James Charles singing about Skechers and Gucci shoes.

One fan tricked people by using an AI audio of Swift singing Beyoncé's "II HANDS II HEAVEN."

Someone else took the opportunity to spread the NewJeans agenda by luring people in with a fake leak video that turned out to be the K-pop girl group's song "Super Shy."


Another fan's tactic was to tag their tweet with trending words and phrases surrounding the album while attaching a thirst trap video edit of actor Callum Turner.

On the other hand, some fans wanted no part of the leak situation at all and took pride in staying away from any spoilers.

"I'm going to hear TTPD for the very first time tonight cause I haven't listened to any leaks," one fan tweeted with a screenshot of a peaceful-looking Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.

See more reactions from Swifties, below:

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