Can you imagine arriving to work on a random Tuesday, opening your mail and packages, and discovering that the one and only Tom Hanks sent you a personalized gift?

Yeah, maybe in the movies and even better a romantic comedy with the rom-com queen herself, Meg Ryan am I right? After all, who didn't love Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, and Joe Versus the Volcano with those two?

This real-life story involves a man named Tom Furrier, according to He owns Cambridge Typewriter in the small Boston suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts and when he opened a package one day he was blown away to find a vintage typewriter called an Olympia SM-4 signed by Tom Hanks himself sent from Santa Monica, California.

Again, this really needs to be a movie.

Along with this autographed typewriter was a handwritten note, because of course, Tom has class. This poetically beautiful personalized note is beyond class:

On one hand, you are taking [it] off my shelves and out in the greater world.  On the other hand, you are giving me more space and less clutter. On the third (?) hand, you just may be giving this miracle of a machine a fuller, newer life of use.

Tom Hanks has a history of giving away typewriters from his collection, according to Tom Furrier said he's always known this, but never thought he'd be on the receiving end.

According to Far Out, Tom's obsession with typewriters goes so far as owning around 250. According to the London Literature Festival, what thrills him about typewriters is that they are meant to do one thing, and one thing only, so with just a tiny amount of effort and maintenance, they'll virtually work forever.

One more reason to love Tom Hanks.

Now, about that movie. Should Tom play Tom or Meg play Tom and Tom play a fictional Tom and then they fall in love?

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