Two TSA staff members at Miami International Airport in Florida have been charged after allegedly stealing from passengers' luggage.

CCTV footage from the airport has gone viral on social media. The video shows TSA agents Josue Gonzalez and Labarrius Williams concentrating on one bag in particular.

The video appears to show one of the agents taking something from the luggage screening bucket before tucking it away in his pocket.

According to a police report obtained by CBS, the pair has been accused of "removing $600 from a passenger's wallet, while the passenger was in the screening process."

Watch the moment below:

Williams and Gonzales were arrested and charged back in July.

The police report states the pair were able to get away with the alleged scheme by distracting "passengers as they were being screened to steal monies from their belongings."

The TSA released a statement about the alleged theft, saying that the two TSA officers have been removed from screening duties and that they have "no tolerance for misconduct in the workplace."

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The TSA is working closely with local law enforcement in Miami to investigate the matter.

"We actively and aggressively investigated these allegations of misconduct and presented our findings to the Miami Dade Police Department, and are working closely with them. Any employee who fails to meet our fundamental ethical standards is held accountable," the TSA said in a statement.

Gonzales' attorney shared that his client has agreed to a deferred prosecution program, and that his case will be dismissed if he completes the program.

Williams' lawyer did not comment. A trial is set for October.

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