A teenager was shocked when she and her supposedly fraternal twin took a genetic test "for fun" and discovered they don't share any DNA.

"My grandparents had suggested the tests and got them for us, so our parents didn’t know about it. But our results made no sense. My twin’s was coming up almost completely as Eastern European and Western European. Which makes sense, as most of my family are Croatian, German, or Austrian. So all of that would be accurate. But mine wasn’t anything like that. It was almost completely Scandinavian, with some Russian and a couple of other places," the 18-year-old wrote on Reddit.

The most shocking result was that she and her sister "had no matched DNA."

"My twin said they must have mixed my sample up with someone else. We ended up contacting the company, and my twin and I took a test again. It was the same result. Both my twin and I were really confused. We told our grandparents, and they just said that was interesting, and said nothing else," she recalled.

"When we told our mother, she reacted almost the same way as my grandparents, but she seemed annoyed. And said that they're inaccurate anyway, and our grandparents shouldn't have told us to take one. And when we asked our father, he basically said nothing," the confused teen continued.

"My mother can't have cheated on my father, because my twin and I would still share DNA. Just less, because we would have different fathers. The results mean we can't share a parent, or even be related. But I don't see why my parents would adopt me if I'm not their child, when I don't think they've ever been to Scandinavia and why they'd adopt a baby that's almost exactly the same age as their baby," she added.

The teen is now "panicking," as the person she is the closest to in the world might not "even be related" to her.

"My birthday might not even be real. None of this makes any sense, and no one is telling me the truth. I'm also scared my twin might tell her boyfriend about it, and then people might end up knowing that I'm some kind of fraud and my family isn't my family at all," she concluded.

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Users in the comments urged the teen to press her grandparents for more information.

"Have you pressed your grandparents to tell you more? 'Cause it sounds like they suspected this and wanted you know. No way did they suggest those tests out of the blue. 'Your grandparents shouldn’t have told you to do that' says it all," one person wrote.

"Sit your grandparents down and tell them to start talking. They obviously know what’s going on. But I'm guessing that you were adopted from a family friend who might’ve died or didn’t want to be a mother. Ask for your birth certificate. That should have your real parents' names on there," another commented.

"I think your grandparents know exactly what happened but they want your parents to tell you," someone else suggested.

In a follow-up comment, the teen noted they "called the clinic where my mother gave birth to all of my siblings."

"The day of my birthday, my mother is in the records but only for one birth. Not two, not twins. I don't know if it's an error, or my mother didn't give birth to me," she shared.

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