Actor V is back! K-pop soloist IU gets some assistance from an extra special guest in her latest music video: V of BTS.

In the music video for the singer's pre-release track "Love wins all," the pair play a couple running from a sinister cube mysteriously hunting people in what appears to be the end of the world.

The duo are running from the strange flying cube at the beginning of the video and find solace in an abandoned building where they encounter the shells of what used to be stores and restaurants, as well as a peculiar mountain of clothing.

A camcorder they find in the rubble magically shows them a different world, where there are other people and the couple appears happy.

A fan on Twitter (X) posted an analysis of the video's storyline, saying, "IU is hard of hearing and V can’t see from one eye. That square at the end seems like an entity who extinguishes those marginalized people and that camcorder shows them in a world where they are not discriminated against."

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The cinematic video has fans wishing for a full-length K-drama or movie from the pair after noticing how their chemistry was chemistrying, as they say on the internet.

One fan tweeted that it would be "the biggest loss in the history of drama" if the two singers don't team up to act together again.

Another fan said that the two had "burning chemistry."

Both V and IU have acted previously in actual dramas, though not together.

IU has appeared in several television shows, with her last being 2019's fantasy mystery drama Hotel Del Luna. She also sang the song "Happy Ending" on the project's soundtrack.

As for V, he played Seok Hansung in the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in 2016 and 2017 for one season.

See more fan reactions to the "Love wins all" music video, below:

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