A woman who suspects her husband is cheating on her after he sent her a suspicious photo from his supposed work trip is contemplating leaving her marriage.

Sharing her situation on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman, who has been married for 17 years and has two children with her husband, explained she began to suspect her husband might be unfaithful after he started his new job.

"He's recently started a new job and told me he had to go away for training on Friday / Saturday 2 hours away. No issues, I'm often by myself with the kids. Then Friday afternoon he called me to say he was late arriving as were some other people and he'd have to stay Saturday night too as they'd finish the training on Sunday," she wrote via Mumsnet.

Although things felt a "bit weird" to her at first, her husband eventually sent her a photo from where he was supposed to be that day.

"I did check and the location was right. Then at 8am on Sunday he sent me a photo of the training course. Only it was a screenshot, no metadata attached. I looked again at the deleted photo from Saturday and it was taken 10 days previously," she continued.

Confused, when her husband got home she "confronted him" about the photos and asked him "what was going on."

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"He seemed a bit flustered and admitted the photo was not taken on Saturday and he didn't know why he did it. He showed me his photo on his phone and one was a hotel lobby looking one where he said they'd got coffee. When I asked to look at the details the location was 30 minutes from our house in a different direction to where he said he was 2+ hours away and taken at 9:30 Saturday morning," she shared.

The woman noted that her husband had "no explanation" for the photo other than "the phone was wrong," and he insisted it was taken on Friday.

"He then got really cross and started shouting and one of the kids came in. When I asked again to see the photo as it was eating me up he would [not] let me touch his phone and he had deleted the metadata," she continued, adding her husband threatened to throw one of his "tantrums" if she continued to question him, so she "dropped" it.

"Our marriage has been very up and down for years, mainly due to different sex drives. It's very down at the moment, we're basically just living in the same house. In the last 12 months or so he has started working away at weekends occasionally which I had initially joked meant he was having an affair," the woman revealed.

In the comments section, users tried to comfort the woman, with many suggesting she consider leaving her husband.

"You've answered your own question. Whether there is 'proof' on his phone or not, you don't sound happy and have lost trust in him," one person wrote.

"The fact that you need to see evidence of where he is just speaks volumes. Partners who trust each other don’t need to get and see bloody metadata and to see photographs of where their other half actually is. He’s not your child where he has to prove where he is to you. In a healthy relationship, you should both trust each other, but clearly you do not trust him at all and he is giving you reason not to. It is clear that he is lying, and he admitted to lying to you by sending you the fake photos ... whether he went on a work trip or not, who knows? Maybe he did or maybe he met up with someone which is what I suspect you are suspecting," another commented.

"Whatever's going on he's not being honest and you sound beyond wanting to find out. Mainly the threatening to have a tantrum. How could you ever be attracted to him again after that?" someone else asked.

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