A woman is afraid to see her friend again after her husband had road rage while driving.

Sharing her story on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained she was "humiliated" after her husband, while driving, acted aggressively toward her friend who was in another vehicle.

"My husband was driving to my mom’s yesterday and on the journey I saw my work friend in front driving 35 in a 40 and my husband thought it would be appropriate to tailgate and keep revving the engine up her arse whilst beeping the horn and swearing. She was sticking fingers up back and then she locked eyes with me when he ripped around her when he was able to," she wrote via Mumsnet.

The woman was "humiliated and embarrassed" after the incident. Now, she's nervous to see her colleague in person.

"I want the ground to swallow me up! I already suffer with social anxiety as it is and I’m fuming at my [husband] for behaving this way and I can’t face her on Thursday when I see her at work!" the woman concluded.

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Users in the comments section tried to comfort the woman, with many saying her husband was completely in the wrong.

"There are two issues here. One is your work friend. Just walk right up and apologize. You shouldn't have to but it will help. The sound is your dangerous wanker of a husband. He endangered you and other people. I assume it's not the first time. Why are you with him?" one person wrote.

"He sounds like a very dangerous driver, and a total arse. I'd be telling him that, and wouldn't be too keen to get in a car he was driving again," another commented.

"I'd agree with apologizing but I wouldn't worry too much about the embarrassment. It's likely she either now feels very sorry for you or thinks you are also a complete p---k like your [husband]. Annoying as slow drivers are, his reaction is ridiculous," someone else shared.

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