A woman shared on Mumsnet that she was hurt after her husband forgot Mother's Day — which is observed in March in the U.K. — making her feel frustrated and taken for granted.

The woman informed her husband that all she really wanted was "some flowers" and maybe to sleep in a little. However, she didn't even get that small luxury.

"Yet I'm up at 6AM with the kids. And he told me last night he'd forgotten and it was a silly day anyway," she wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet.

"He knows I feel taken for granted sometimes when I work full time and do so much of the home stuff too. And I really thought he'd do a little something," the woman added, explaining she ended up buying herself flowers and her husband even flippantly asked her if she was "expecting lots of gifts."

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In the comments section, Mumsnet readers tried to comfort the mom, with many slamming her husband for his behavior.

"He will never get it, unless you do the same. Don’t acknowledge Father’s Day at all. So many mums get nothing, but make Father’s Day special. You must do the same for him," one person wrote.

"Yeah he has been thoughtless and selfish. The 'it’s a silly day' is him defending his laziness, he couldn’t be [bothered] so therefore it’s a silly day. Sorry but I would be pissed off because it says something about how much effort he thinks you are worth," another chimed in.

"It's so hard when you feel taken for granted. It’s not hard to buy a bunch of tulips and a large bar of dairy milk and then make you a little breakfast with the children. He has been utterly lazy and it is not on and highlights how unimportant you are to him," another commented.

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