Twelve seasons into Ryan Murphy’s camp-laden horror anthology series American Horror Story, in which every season dives into a different type of horror narrative ready to form familiar threads into new shapes, we ask ourselves the question we’ve been asking for years: Why do we still keep tuning in?

AHS isn’t always what anyone would call a “good” show, leaning heavily on shocks and twists rather than coherent storylines, and even long-time fans admit now and then to being frustrated by it. But the show’s ability to make headlines was always its biggest strength, and what better way to stay at the top of every media outlet’s landing page than by using the age-old technique of stunt casting?

Murphy himself is no stranger to the art: Every season of his high school choir club musical-satire Glee had its share of celebrity cameos that tended to outshine the main cast, and that was the entire point. If you want to make something more than a little outrageous, you have to do it with some one a little outrageous, and American Horror Story’s casting department is always on the hunt for the weirdest celebs they can rope into their twisted schemes. From world-famous reality stars to platinum-rated musical artists and everyone in between, we’ve narrowed down a list of the wildest members of American Horror Story’s cast through the years.

The Craziest American Horror Story Celebrity Stunt Casting

From Stevie Nicks to Trixie Mattel, you never know who's going to pop in on American Horror Story.
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