When it comes to filmmaking, inspiration can be found in so many different places. Some screenwriters choose to adapt books, musicals, or comics for the big screen. But still, others find everything they need for a compelling story in a newspaper or magazine article. You see, a finely crafted article can put a spotlight on a real event in a big way — drawing thousands of eyes to a story that would otherwise remain out of the headlines (both literally and figuratively).

From The New York Times to Vanity Fair, a number of major publications have run stories that have then led to feature films. And while there are plenty of iconic fictional stories that have come to life on screen, we’re going to be diving into the best ones based on real events. Life has a funny way of being stranger than fiction — and when a skilled journalist gets a piece just right, it can call the attention of screenwriters, directors, and producers. It’s no accident that these movies got made after the articles were published, as a journalist has the nose for sniffing out the type of story that grips the reader and takes them on a journey.

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So, the next time you’re flipping through a magazine or newspaper — or, let’s be honest, scrolling through the electronic version on your phone — keep an eye out for the article that instantly draws you in. Before you know it, you might just see it coming to a theater near you. Here are the ten best movies that were based on a newspaper or magazine article.

The Best Movies Based On Newspaper Or Magazine Articles

These great movies were inspired by the hard work of journalists writing in newspapers or magazines.
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