Google is an incredible resource. The great vastness of human knowledge at our collective fingertips. Also, it will tell you what time movies are playing! What a world.

Google’s handy interface includes useful web links, videos, and other information. Almost every Google search result also includes a section called “People Also Ask.” According to Google itself, “these are questions people commonly search on Google.” So when you spend your day Googling movies, as I do, you see a lot of stuff that “People Also Ask” about movies.

And let me tell you: The questions people also ask about movies are dumb. 

Okay, some of the questions people ask Google about movies are perfectly reasonable; stuff like “Is Planet of the Apes a good movie?” (it is!) or “What is the plot twist of Psycho?” (Everyone but Norman’s mother was dead the entire time! She dreamed the whole thing up!) But then there are a lot of questions that get asked that are just so bizarre, silly, and flat-out stupid they needed to be catalogued in some way. I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up. And if you did, I wouldn’t believe you.

But the list of 30 questions below are all real. They have not been invented, or altered. I simply Googled the names of popular films (i.e. “The Avengers movie” or “Star Wars film”) and looked at the “People Also Ask” results for every single one. Here’s what I found.

(And just think: Before Google existed, people used to ask these questions to their relatives.)

The Dumbest Questions People Ask Google About Movies

These are all real questions from the “People Also Ask” section of Google. People asked these questions!

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