A film and TV franchise based on dragons, flying, and flying on dragons seems tailor-made for a theme park. So it’s not shocking that Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe which it is currently building down in Orlando, Florida will include a How to Train Your Dragon area.

What’s a little surprising is how much stuff this area will contain. It’s not just one How to Train Your Dragon ride, or even two. According to the press release the land — officially referred to as How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk — will feature “four attractions, one live show, and several character and dragon meet-and-greet experiences.” Here is concept art for all the major components of the land...

How to Train Your Dragon Land: Isle of Berk - First Look

A new land inspired by the How to Train Your Dragon film series is opening at Universal’s new Epic Universe park.

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While I suspect some How to Train Your Dragon fans would have wanted an elaborate motion-simulator dragon-riding attraction a la the Avatar ride at Disney Hollywood Studios, these rides look fun and reasonably well-themed to the franchise, and a dragon-esque roller coaster is probably the next best thing. Plus, the Isle of Berk will also feature a “Mess Hall” restaurant where guests can “feast like a Viking and enjoy a savory menu featuring a variety of meats, fish, sandwiches and more along with a collection of meads and ciders.” You know I love my weird movie food.

Universal also unveiled a video that includes animated concept art and more details about the How to Train Your Dragon area of the park...

Universal’s Epic Universe is expected to open some time in 2025. The park is located next door to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida theme parks. The Full details of Epic Universe’s other areas have not been fully revealed yet, but they will be based on Harry Potter, Nintendo, and the Dark Universe (i.e. Universal Monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula).

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