The new X-Men ’97 animated series coming to Disney+ next week isn’t just an homage to the old cartoon from the 1990s — it’s a direct continuation from it, featuring some of the same voice cast and

Larry Houston, one of the producers and directors of X-Men: The Animated Series is a consulting producer on the show, and you’ll recognizes the voices of Beast (George Buza), Rogue (Lenore Zann), Storm (Alison Sealy-Smith), and more in this update. A new video from Marvel explains that this is not a show that draws inspiration from the ’90s series; it is, “literally a next-day continuation” of the old X-Men.

The video below explains the premise, features interviews with the returning cast and creators, and gives you a sense of what to expect from the show, with Magneto taking over Professor Xavier’s school and trying to honor his legacy. (Xavier died in the series finale of the ’90s X-Men show, in a storyline inspired by Uncanny X-Men #200.)

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X-Men ’97 marks Marvel’s first new X-Men television series since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, and with it, the rights to the X-Men movie and TV franchises.

X-Men ’97 premieres on Disney+ on March 20. The show will debut with the first two episodes of the season. The first season of the show consists of ten episodes. Work has already been done on Season 2 of the show, with a third season already being discussed. The show precedes Marvel’s first X-Men-adjacent movie, Deadpool & Wolverine, which will open in theaters later this summer. Marvel has yet to announce a full-fledged X-Men movie franchise.

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