Disney+ subscribers who also pay for Hulu can watch both on the same app.

As of today, you can now stream Hulu’s content on your Disney+ account — provided you are paying for both already. Simply log in to your Disney+ account and look for the Hulu tab among the various other Disney+ brands, like  Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. (The image above comes from the Hulu hub on my own Disney+ account. And, yes, my icon on Disney+ is Spider-Man. Would you have expected anything else?)

In a press release, Disney said “subscribers will see the full Hulu on Disney+ experience which includes Hulu titles integrated in recommendations, sets, and collections on Disney+, making it easier to discover thousands of general entertainment titles and explore the impressive breadth and depth of Hulu and Disney+ content via a more personalized experience – without having to move between apps.”

Recent Hulu additions that are now available on Disney+ include the FX series Shogun, the 20th Century Studios sci-fi film The Creator, and the multiple Oscar-winning movie Poor Things.

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Searchlight Films

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When Disney+ launched it was marketed as a streaming service exclusively for families and family-friendly content, with the Disney-owned Hulu being used as a walled-off and separate streaming service designed to house Disney and Fox’s more mature films and television series.

Over time, though, the separation between the two sites has gotten murkier, as Disney+ has added some adult content (like the R-rated Deadpool movies and Logan) and with some shows premiering simultaneously on both services, and now a full Hulu experience added to Disney+.

The CTO of Disney, Aaron LaBerge, called this “the most significant technical, operational, and product evolution for Disney+ since its launch.” If you only subscribe to Hulu and not Disney+, the separate Hulu app and site both still exist. Nothing has changed over there as of this moment.

As a user of both of these services, I guess the big question is: How long will people want to pay twice for something that winds up being condensed into one app anyway? I suppose cable subscribers pay for different tiers of the service; cable with HBO and Showtime costs more than without it, for example. Is this all that different?

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