No surprise here: Disney’s latest animated feature is ready for its streaming premiere on, where else, Disney+.

Wish was intended as a celebration of all things Disney in the venerable animation studio’s 100th year — a tale about a young woman saving her kingdom and their magical wishes. In practice, it didn’t quite work out as intended. But that’s part of the magic of streaming. If you didn‘t think something was worth paying to see in a theater, you can catch up with it at home, plus a bunch of other stuff, for one flat monthly fee.

The other stuff in April on Disney+ also includes new weekly episodes of the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch and X-Men ’97Plus, there are two new episodes are Bluey, which might be the best show on Disney+, to be honest. Parents, you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the full list of everything coming to Disney+ in April...

Monday, April 1

New Library Titles
- Theme Song Takeover (S3, 4 episodes)

Wednesday, April 3

New Library Titles
- Alice's Wonderland Bakery (S2, 5 episodes)
- Chibi Tiny Tales (Shorts) (S4, 12 episodes)


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New to Disney+

Wish - Premiere

Disney+ Originals

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 310 and Episode 311
X-Men '97 - Episode 4

Sunday, April 7

New to Disney+

Bluey (Season 3) - New Episode Premiere, “Ghostbasket”

Wednesday, April 10

New Library Titles
- Firebuds (S2, 4 episodes)
- The Incredible Dr. Pol (S24, 10 episodes)
- Shorts Spectacular (S2, 3 episodes)

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Disney+ Originals

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 312
X-Men '97 - Episode 5

Sunday, April 14

New to Disney+

Bluey - New Special Premiere, Extended-Length Special “The Sign”

Wednesday, April 17

New Library Titles
- Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (S12, 14 episodes)
- Drain the Oceans (S6, 6 episodes)
- PJ Masks: Power Heroes (S1, 8 episodes)

X-MEN '97

Disney+ Originals

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 313, “Into the Breach”
X-Men '97 - Episode 6

Monday, April 22

New Library Titles
- Secrets of the Octopus (S1, 3 episodes)

Disney+ Original

Tiger - Premiere
Tiger on the Rise - Premiere

Disney Junior
Disney Junior

Wednesday, April 24

New Library Titles
- Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (S1, 11 episodes & S2, 12 episodes)
- Bring It! (S6, 10 episodes)
- Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue (S1, 7 episodes)
- Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (S3, 5 episodes)

Disney+ Originals

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 314

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