The only thing wilder than someone remaking Road House in 2024 is the fact that the original Road House from 1989 exists in the first place.

In its day, the film — a Patrick Swayze vehicle about the world’s most badass (yet soulful) bouncer — was mostly a punchline. It was nominated for five Razzie Awards and grossed only $30 million in theaters, less than half the total of Swayze’s previous hit, Dirty Dancing. 

Today ... well, okay, today it’s still a punchline. But it’s such an incredible, unbelievable punchline that Road House has accrued a large cult fanbase of appreciative viewers (like myself) who love to return, again and again, to the Double Deuce bar and its impossibly violent patrons.

Its director, Rowdy Harrington, once explained that he set out to make “a cartoon” with outlandish style, and a “Western” set in the present, filling the void in the culture left by this missing genre and its tales of wandering heroes settling an lawless frontier. But those inspirations only explain some of Road House’s hysterical litany of bizarre choices. I don’t recall too many Westerns about frontier heroes who are famous to every person they meet and know how to sew up their own wounds. But Swayze’s Dalton sure does.

And that’s just the tip of the nutty iceberg that is this singular motion picture. Pain don’t hurt, and neither will a little look back at all of the most unhinged moments from the original Road House. 

The Craziest Moments in Road House

These are the craziest parts of the Patrick Swayze masterpiece Road House. (These are not the only crazy parts. But these are the craziest crazy parts.)

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