This week’s episode of The Mandalorian “Guns For Hire,” was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. And it serves as a bit of a sequel to the Season 2 episode “The Heiress,” which introduced Bo-Katan to the world of The Mandalorian (and to live-action TV) and also introduced her fellow Mandalorians, Axe Woves and Koska Reeves. It also features the planet Trask, which is mentioned on “Guns For Hire” as well. So guess who directed “The Heiress.” You got it: Bryce Dallas Howard.

But that’s just one of the many Easter eggs, little details, and Star Wars references you might have missed on The Mandalorian. We’ll also tell you all about the Mon Calamari, the references to Disney World and Epcot in the design of this episode, the reference to guest star Jack Black’s band, Tenacious D, and the teeny tiny homage to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining that you almost definitely did not spot. Check out all the Easter eggs below.

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