It’s looking increasingly likely that we will never see Coyote vs. Acme, a completed Looney Tunes live-action/animated hybrid about Wile E. Coyote suing the Acme Corporation after years of unsuccessfully using their products to capture the Road Runner. Warner Bros. Discovery made the film and then shelved it entirely — reportedly they may delete the film entirely and permanently! — because they decided it was worth more that was a tax write-off, than it could potentially make in theaters.

But one of the film’s stars, Will Forte, has seen the movie. And he says that it is “magnificent.”

In a heartfelt message posted to his Instagram account, Forte wrote “I know that a lot of you haven’t gotten a chance to see our movie. And sadly, it’s looking like you never will.”

“When I first heard that our movie was getting ‘deleted,’ I hadn’t seen it yet. So I was thinking whatever else must have been thinking: this thing must be a hunk of junk.”

“But then I saw it. And it’s incredible.”

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Forte played Wile E. Coyote’s lawyer in the film as he sues the Acme Corporation.

“You would be so proud of [the movie],” Forte added. “Please know that all the years and years of hard work, dedication and love that you put into this movie shows in every frame.”

He signed his note “That’s all folks.” Oof.

Coyote vs. Acme is currently scheduled to open in theaters, uh, never. Which really stinks. In semi-related news, Warner Bros. Discovery stock is down roughly 40 percent since this time last year.

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