Every Halloween we have any number of choices to scare ourselves silly.

If you prefer to be 'terrorized' in the great outdoors, then an attraction in Minnesota is a must-do for you this October.

The Travel has it atop their list of the '10 Haunted Hayrides In The U.S. That Give Haunted Houses A Run For Their Money'.

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It's the Dead End Hayride in tiny Wyoming, Minnesota (population: 8,063).

It's there each fall, about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities, that Pinehaven Farm transforms into this interactive trek complete with killer clowns, bloody zombies, clawing werewolves, giant Frankensteins, and lumberjacks.

The hayride runs nightly (except October 16-17, when it's closed) through Halloween.

Ticket prices range from $36 for General Admission (wait times of up to 90 minutes), $54 for Fast Pass tickets (30% shorter wait times), and $77 for Immediate Access tickets (no waiting).

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