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On Monday, September 25th, a family in Minnesota experienced a horrible tragedy.  Two kids, Wilma Miller (age 7) and Irma Miller (age 11), were killed in an accident involving a buggy and an SUV on County Rd 1 near Stewartville, Minnesota.  Two other siblings, 9-year-old Alan Miller, and 13-year-old Rose Miller, who were also being transported in the two-wheel buggy, were sent to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester due to injuries.  As I've read on a few social media pages, they need our prayers.

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GoFundMe Set Up For Minnesota Family Who Lost Two Children in Horrific Horse-Drawn Buggy Accident

Several individuals have asked how we can help this family in Southeast Minnesota.  If you'd like to give, there is now a GoFundMe page set up to help Menno Miller and his family.

Hi my name is Matt Kissack my good friend Menno Miller went through a tragic loss losing two of his youngest daughters and the other daughter and son are hospitalized. The children were on their way to school this morning in their Amish buggy and were struck from the behind. Please donate and share to everyone this is a wonderful horseman and family man. - GoFundMe 

The goal on the GoFundMe page is $50,000.  Right now, over $21,000 has been donated.  Offer your words of support and if you feel led, financial support at the GoFundMe page for the Miller family here.

Photo by sue hughes on Unsplash
Photo by sue hughes on Unsplash

Amazing Photos and Words About the Miller Family Shared By Melissa Baus Design on Facebook

As many have said, this is a family that was just the kindest and with the sweetest kids.  Hearts are breaking for this family everywhere, including the heart of an individual who has worked with Menno Miller and captured real-life photos of this family.

Melissa Baus Design reached out to the Facebook world earlier today with her own words of comfort for this family.

I am still processing all of this but, yesterday my client and friend Menno Miller and his wife Sara received the worst news a parent can get...their sweet innocent children were struck by a vehicle, two of them had passed away, the other two were taken to the hospital and are still in need of our prayers.
This is crushing.
Last week when I was there I saw a sorrel and white pony in the pen and had asked him what that one was - (He has so many cool horses, I love talking with him about them.) His exact words with a smile and a smirk, "Oh no, that's the girls pony and we can't go there." (It's not for sale under any circumstances.)
The pony that takes them to and from school.
The pony that lost it's life.
I've been able to help market Menno's horses for going on 3 years now and it's very much a family affair for them to keep the farm running smooth and the thought of not seeing those children outside playing, doing chores, riding in the wagons or getting pulled in the sled because of a senseless accident is devastating.
The car involved that hit the children, pray for them too. They have to live with this and their lives are forever changed.
I know the Millers have friends in the English world that want to know how they can help and a GoFundMe has been setup for their benefit.
I'm attaching some of my favorite photos, but it is not uncommon for us to do videos and photos and then for Menno to have to do chores, training horses or breeding horses and then trim or shoe a couple. When I say hard working, I don't know if I have met someone who works harder.

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