The Great Minnesota Get-Together kicks off tomorrow. I'm so glad it doesn't start today, can you imagine what that would have been like? Anyway, prior to the start of the fair, it was featured this morning across the country in a segment on 'Good Morning America'.

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Minnesota State Fair 2023

The 2023 Minnesota State Fair runs Thursday, August 24th through Monday, September 4th (Labor Day). Who plans on going? There are so many great foods and drinks to try, events to check out, and people-watching to do! You know me, I'll definitely be there.

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Minnesota State Fair on 'Good Morning America'

This morning the state fair was featured on a segment called 'The Right Stuff' on 'Good Morning America'. The segment features items great for the theme for that day. So on today's show, the theme was items you need for outdoor events. Perfect for state fair-goers!

There was a great crowd featured throughout the segment and, of course, the fair's mascots Fairchild and Fairborne were there to help show off the products featured.

Good Morning America via Facebook
Good Morning America via Facebook

One of the products featured was a super cute rain poncho/jacket that we SO could have used 5 years ago when we went and it started down pouring when we got there.

Hopefully I'll see you at the Great Minnesota Get-Together! And hopefully it won't be blazing hot like it is today.

New Foods, Drinks, and Vendors for the 2023 Minnesota State Fair

The new foods for the 2023 Minnesota State Fair have been announced! There are also new drinks and a few new vendors to visit.

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