A bill has been proposed in Minnesota that would fine anyone at a youth sporting event who gets unruly.

I think this is great and here's why.

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My Experience with Unrly Parents at Youth Sports

When I was in high school I was an umpire for elementary school and middle school slow-pitch softball. I had played softball since, I think, kindergarten, so it was fitting that umping was my first job.

One of the games that I worked I remember distinctly to this day.

I was behind the plate calling pitches and I must have made a call on this guy's daughter that he didn't like because all of a sudden from the stands I hear "Hey Ump, maybe you should take your sunglasses off so you can see better!"

He's yelling something totally unnecessary at a teenager who's not much older than his daughter at a rec, slow-pitch softball game. Really dude?

So I would love to see people like that get punished for their actions.

Minnesota Might Fine Unruly Fans at Youth Sporting Events

This bill was introduced by Rep. John Huot. He has a few reasons behind the bill.

First, misbehaving at a youth sporting event is a terrible example to the kids who are playing. Second, he told FOX 9 that many umps, refs, etc. don't continue with the job because of people like that. It's resulted in the "Minnesota State Referee Committee losing 60% of all new referees within a year."

American football referee on field, rear view
Darrin Klimek

Also, the "Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission estimates there are almost 1,000 incidents of interference every year in the state." That's crazy!

If this bill goes through, it would fine anyone who interferes with the umps, refs, etc. before, during, and after the game $1,000. And this isn't just the fans, coaches and players could be fined as well. The bill would also protect refs at debate, dance, and quiz bowl competitions.

If the bill gets signed into law, the fines would be put towards a special revenue fund that would be put "toward the development of youth officiating programs, or grants to develop those programs and help address the referee shortage in the state" according to Bring Me the News.

The bill is still being discussed but is currently on hold. It may not be looked at until 2025, according to FOX 9.

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