If you love saving a bunch of money at Walmart stores in Minnesota, prices are still pretty low but a big change has happened that could impact your shopping experience...and bottom line.

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Big Change at Minnesota Walmart Stores Could Impact Your Next Shopping Experience

When my kids were little, to put it simply, life was challenging.  I was learning how to be a first-time mom in Minnesota, in a place where I had zero family to help.  "Creating a home" was important and I had to do all the mom things while also trying to be on a budget.  I was in my early 20's and had NO clue how to do anything mom-related and knew very few people I could ask advice to.  Thankfully, I met some amazing women who showed me some money-saving tips at a group called MOPS.  Lifesaver!  These women were phenomenal AND they were actually making money at the grocery store.

I learned the art of saving money at the grocery store by using coupons.  Now, from all of the coupon cutting that I did on the weekends for my mom when I was a kid, I should have learned this art by osmosis already.  What I didn't realize was that you could actually figure out ways to get money BACK from the store with coupons.  I wasn't a pro at it but I saved my family tons of cash this way for a few years.  My receipts were SOOOOO long!

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According to couponinthenews.com, quite a few changes are in place at Walmart stores and the way that I shopped a few years ago is no longer allowed.  Here are the changes that they mentioned in their latest story:

  • Change #1 - If you have a coupon for a product and the price of the product is less than the coupon amount, you get that difference.  In other words, you make money.  Not anymore.
  • Change #2 - At times, you could also use duplicate coupons in a transaction.  Not anymore.  There is a "limit of 4 identical coupons per household per day".
  • Change #3 - The register is now in charge.  If a register things that a coupon you are trying to use is invalid, it will not let you use it.
  • Change #4 - Paper coupons are accepted but only for purchases made in the store.  Online, delivery and pickup orders are not valid.

Those are just a few of the changes that people are chatting about in the coupon world.  If you'd love to dive in deeper, check out Coupons In The News.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

A Huge Thanks to Those Who Have Been Shopping My Walmart Order The Past 10 Months...

I do have to give a shoutout to those shopping for online orders.  YOU have been a lifesaver.  My husband has been sick for about 10 months and there are so many moments when I am just too exhausted or don't have any more minutes in a day to go to a store to shop for my family.  To those shopping and to those who deliver the groceries to my house sometimes, you are amazing and I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.  Thank you.

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