Few couples in hip-hop get the rumor mill churning like Jay Z and Beyonce. It was less than a month ago that Beyonce shook up the music industry up with her sixth studio LP, the visual album Lemonade. And while rumors are already swirling that Jay Z is working on a response album to Bey's project based on infidelity, fans are now revisiting the rumor that Jay and Bey are working on something together.

Billboard is reporting today (May 5) that though Beyonce's label, Columbia Records, "wouldn't agree to the joint album," a source at Sony is countering this claim, saying the company is "open to" partnering with the moguls for this project. But this rumor is nothing new for hip-hop's most talked about couple. Whispers about a joint effort first started when Jay and Bey went on their On The Run national tour in the summer of 2014.

Us Weekly reported earlier this week that Jay was "working on an album telling his side of things." Bey's chart-topping visual album took the world by surprise by telling a story of betrayal and forgiveness in 13 tracks that seemed to chronicle Beyonce finding out that Jay had cheated on her. This was especially surprising subject matter for the couple because they are notoriously private. While they're always spotted at high profile events and NBA basketball games together, the two rarely give interviews and almost never talk about their relationship. So if this joint album is really in the works, here's hoping they leave their marital drama on wax for fans to gush over.

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