I am a big T.V. watcher, but my viewing habits over the last few years have really been mostly garbage reality type shows or movies. Then came the show "This is Us" and I am beyond hooked.

It has been a long time since I have been in deep with a drama based show. Sure I was out of my mind with excitement with the return of Will and Grace, but in a weird way "This is Us" makes me feel like I might possibly have an adult type show that I am watching.

The show keeps you you so engaged with the constant back and forth flashbacks with super believable characters that have flaws and insecurities just like all of us. But I have fallen into the trap that these are like my best friends now. They feel pain, I feel pain. I realized I have not made it through 1 episode with out at least a few crocodile tears.

So, I have been thinking to myself what is wrong with me? Have I turned into the biggest pile of mush cry baby human on the planet? The answer is no, this show is that good that it lets you put your guard down and get so engrossed in these characters that you can't help but get emotional. The episode after the Super Bowl was a doozy, and I am not gonna lie I tried to keep it together, but the scene towards the end broke my heart. I will keep watching as long as the show goes, I know that it is good to shed a few tears once in a while because sometimes life is hard, but it helps you get stronger in the end.

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