It has been a long time since I was excited like a little kid to visit a museum of sorts, but this was different, a salt water museum. Off we went to the Virginia Aquarium and Maritime museum in Virginia Beach Virginia.  I recently went on vacation and knew that we wanted to head to the coast to maybe take a dip in the ocean,or If we were lucky at least see some dolphins. Well the water was freezing and the dolphins have headed south to warmer waters, so we went to the aquarium instead.

I have talked about this on the air before, how I love the water and the ocean especially, so this was a real highlight for me. Not only were we able to see Marine Animals , but marsh animals as well and even a komodo dragon!

The highlight for me for sure was the giant shark tank and getting up close and personal with a giant sea turtle who reminded me of the big turtle in the movie Finding Nemo! What a nice break to just get lost once in a while and be captivated by some amazing creatures! Here are some of pictures below from our trip!