I may not be attending the Oscars this Sunday, but believe it or not I know somebody who is up for an award.

Calm down people I am not B.F.F.'s with Ellen DeGeneres, though I must admit that would be awesome, I actually went to High School with a guy by the name of John Ridley who went to my High School in a suburb of Milwaukee.

I remember John very well, even though he was older then me, we had some classes together and he was on my bus. I remember that he was very funny and great at Cross Country running. John is up for an Oscar nomination for writing the screen play for the movie "12 Years a Slave."

John is also an accomplished author and wrote  screen plays for many other movies along with publishing 7 books. Even though I have not seen this movie yet, I am beaming with pride that a former classmate of mine has had, and continues to have such a successful career in a very tough business. Good Luck John!