The Polar Bear Plunge is one of those big events every year that I really look forward too. It is the camaraderie of all the plungers, the super fun atmosphere, meeting some of the Special Olympics Athletes and being a part of a pretty exclusive club of people who brave the cold air and water for a great cause.

Although many plunges are held all over the state I have to say there is really something special about the Duluth Plunge. Yes I am biased of course, but jumping into Lake Superior is quite the accomplishment. Yes the water is extremely cold in all the lakes throughout the state, but  Superior she is a different animal all together.

I know of many times when it seemed like docks could be put right into the water for the plunge and the next day tons of ice had pushed up on shore and so now Plan B. Also the plunge in Duluth is an all day affair with great contests food and fun.

Most importantly all the proceeds form the plunge go directly to Special Olympics Athletes in Minnesota so they can continue to participate in the sports they love. Thank you to the Duluth Police Department, Duluth Fire Department, St. Louis County Rescue Squad and all the other volunteers that make this event happen every year. So whether you are a  first time plunger or you do it every year, here are some helpful tips to make this the best one yet!


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