Last week we told you that Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old daughter Stephanie was arrested after a reported heroin overdose. The charges against her were later dropped and she's in recovery, but Jon himself stayed silent.

Now the singer is speaking out about the ordeal -- and he seems to be in pretty good spirits.

In a recent interview, Bon Jovi said the family was dealing with the issue, calling the problem and the experience “human” and saying the tragedy was “something that I had to face too.”

“Life goes on," he said. "Things happen. We’ll get through it ... People’s incredible warm wishes for my family and I have been really reassuring. We’re good."

Fame and fortune aside, he's clearly just like any other dad trying to raise his four kids the best he can. And since everyone seems to be okay, maybe we can finally start making those 'Bad Medicine' jokes we avoided last week.

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