Justin Bieber reportedly punched a man in the face for attacking a woman during a Coachella party over the weekend, TMZ reported Sunday (April 15).

The incident, which took place at a gathering hosted by famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger's 24-year-old son, Patrick, Saturday night (April 14), transpired when the “Sorry” crooner got into a violent altercation with a man who allegedly took a female by the throat and refused to loosen his grip on her, according to the celebrity gossip site.

Witnesses maintain the Canadian singer and one of his friends stepped in on the violent dispute, prompting the two of them to try and defuse the situation.

The man supposedly shouted obscenities at Bieber, warning that he mind his own business, to which the star retaliated by throwing him against the wall and hitting the man in the face.

While the connection between the man and woman involved in the initial dispute were not clear, sources inferred the woman may have been the perpetrator's ex-girlfriend.

TMZ was later informed that the male in question was thrown out of the party and later arrested by police officials soon after.

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