Stop arguing about whether #TheDress is white and gold or blue and black. Justin Bieber just dropped a totally sick remix of one of his songs and that should take precedence on the internet today.

Here's the deal: Skrillex and Diplo just released their surprise album, Jack Ü, and it features a remixed version of JB's "Where Are You Now," which originally was a ballad on the Biebs' 2010 album, My World 2.0. The remixed track -- appropriately titled "Where Are Ü Now" -- features the Biebs in all of his full glory, backed up by some crazy slick electronic beats that just make you want to fist pump at the Electric Daisy Carnival or something.

Justin kicks things off with some seriously swoon-worthy falsetto before transitioning into a voice so smooth it could probably wine and dine you. But the heart of the remix comes about halfway through the track, when Skrillex and Diplo show their true colors and break out all kinds of pumped-up, electric beats, stylizing JB's vocals in some seriously mind-bending ways. Seriously, Beliebers, you need to check this out. It's like 2010's "Where Are You Now" was given an EDM face-lift, complete with updated Justin vocals.

So go ahead: Feast your ears on "Where Are Ü Now" -- the remix -- above, and watch fetus Bieber sing his original "Where Are You Now" (while he accompanies himself on the keyboard!) in the video below. Trust us: You'll be glad you did.

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