Justin Bieber's toxicology report is back a week after his arrest for DUI and drag racing in Miami.

He tested positive for marijuana and Xanax, as traces of THC, a key ingredient in weed, and Alprazolam, a key ingredient in the anti-anxiety medication, were found in his system.

TMZ obtained the report which indicates The Biebs took a urine test after he was arrested.

The good news is that Biebs did test negative for cocaine, meth, opiates and other drugs. So what he told cops at the time he was cuffed was true.

He has pleaded not guilty to these charges as a deportation petition is making its way to the White House's radar. We won't even start talking about Egg Gate.

See the tox report here.

Also, manager Scooter Braun explained to British GQ how he has handled his client amidst these legal scandals that have been plaguing The Biebs.

"My responsibility is to always be there when they fall, always be there to help them get back up," Braun said about his approach to his clients. "But at some point I need to let them fail, because if they don’t, they’re going to have no humanity."

Re: The Biebs, he said, "Sometimes he doesn’t help himself because he’s so angry. But no one really understands what he’s living…only him. I can’t baby him. I can say there is only one way around this, either we quit and let you try and find a normal life or you realize that this is what this is and we’ve got to keep fighting."

"And you’re going to hate me some days because I’m going to say you can’t throw a punch. You want to go out there and you want to bash their heads in...But the only way you’re going to win them over is by being better.”

What a great strategy! That's why he is one of the best in the biz.

Braun also addressed the video of The Biebs sleeping, which was taken last year in Brazil and spawned all those Bieber x hookers rumors.

Braun reveals, "He said, 'I had a woman film me while I was sleeping, who I’ve never met before… She was in the house and she filmed me. They are assuming I slept with her and she was a prostitute. I’ve got to deal with that. I’m 19 (and) every single day I’ve got to deal with stuff like that. People thinking I had a baby or thinking I spit on my fans, just assuming the absolute worst about me.'"

Wow, sounds like that was a serious privacy invasion in Brazil.

Biebs is lucky to have Braun in his corner. He is doing things the right way.

Oh, and this is really cute. Biebs x Baby Bro Jaxon.

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