According to WCCO some Prince fans are upset at the fact that Justin Timberlake is holding a private party at Paisley Park before his halftime Super Bowl appearance. One of the main contentions is that Prince did not allow alcohol on the premises and a liquor license was obtained for the party.

Some fans may be worried that some of these American Express members who are the exclusive ticket holders to his listening show might get over served and spill booze on the carpet or that things will get broken. But since Prince passed away Paisley Park has held an event where a temporary liquor license was issued.

Other fans are upset because of a supposed riff between Prince and Justin Timberlake years ago that may or may not have even been the real thing. Apparently Prince did some innocent jabbing towards J.T. back in 2006 when he released Sexy Back  and Prince responded with "sexy never left."

Justin did post a moving Instagram tribute after Prince passed away and has said he was always a fan of his. Some fans agree that Paisley Park is now a museum and could possibly be a host site for more shows like this in the future. I personally doubt that anyone that is going to that party will be the least bit disrespectful, and will be limited to a certain area of the compound versus having run of the place. How would Prince feel about this? I guess we will never know, but again this might start to become a common thing in the future if you have enough money to rent it out.

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