Chris Brown, for quite a while, was having his cake (cake cake cake cake cake cake) and eating it too: maintaining his relationship Karrueche Tran while still allegedly hooking up with Rihanna on the side. Now that he and Tran have split, however, the model is calling BS on Brown's "friendship" with RiRi -- and rumor has it she was shocked and hurt by the breakup.

Breezy released a statement to Hollywood Life yesterday (Oct. 4) saying that he doesn't want his "friendship" with Rihanna to hurt Tran and that he wants to be single to focus on his career. If by "focus on his career" he means "hang out with his ex," fine.

However, Tran is saying she feels "betrayed" by Brown and doesn't believe he and Rihanna are "just friends." Uh, you and everyone else on the planet, sister! TMZ reports that Brown insisted to Tran that she was "the only woman in his life," especially when she asked him repeatedly about his relationship -- friendship or otherwise -- with his ex. Tran and Rihanna previously had their own set of Twitter feuds following Rihanna's racist insinuations about Tran, who's actually tattooed on Brown's arm. That's gotta be awkward, right?

Additionally, the site reports that Tran suspected trouble when Breezy kept going to clubs alone, acting distant and making public appearances (like a Jay-Z concert or the kissing incident at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards) with RiRi. The tumultuous twosome also exchanged mushy tweets when Brown was scheduled for his probation hearing for the 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend.

To which we say: Girl, if you didn't turn a blind eye to this, then you are blind. Where there's smoke, there's fire. And in this case, there's the equivalent of smoke, gasoline, matches and a flame thrower.

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