When it comes to talking points with Kesha, nothing is off the table. She's so outrageous and so honest that she's guaranteed interview gold. But now she's taking charge and clearing up some things that came to light in the public eye.

The singer sat down with Australia's radio shot Hot30 Countdown and addressed some of the topics that have surrounded her as of late. For instance, remember not too long ago when she announced she's had sex with a ghost? Well, it wasn't just one time, it was multiple times.

She explained that while living in a "flop house" in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, she had  few experiences with the supernatural, and often had trouble sleeping thanks to her invisible friendly visitor. A few weeks ago, when discussing her song 'Supernatural,' she referenced her encounter, saying, "It’s about experiences with the supernatural…but in a sexy way,” she said. “Well, I don’t know his name! He was a ghost. It was just like … I had a couple experiences with the supernatural. I’m very open to it.”

Ghosts aside, Kesha also cleared up the rumor that she and Justin Bieber got it on. “I have not, for the record, ever slept with Justin Bieber,” she clarified. “More than that, he has a girlfriend who is really, really hot, so… I think he’s sorted.”

But the most interesting part of her interview came when she discussed the... interesting birthday present she gifted to Miley Cyrus -- and it didn't come in the form of a leopard stencil to pain on your face with or glitter, rather, it was a hairy lollipop.

“One of my dancers had clip-in weaves, so I clipped the weave onto a used lollipop — well, I had to lick it so it would stick,” she said. “I really put a lot of thought into that. I thought she’d like it.”

We have a feeling we won't be inviting her to any of our upcoming birthday parties.

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