Kesha has been hinting at a documentary for a while, but then it got quiet when all the focus was on her book and then her latest album, 'Warrior.' But now it's finally coming!

K-Dollar Sign will give fans a look at the behind-the-scenes life of the glitter goddess. Her own brother, Lagan Sebert, directed it with a family friend, Steven Greenstreet. The show will follow Kesha as she travels the world, writing, recording and promoting 'Warrior.'

You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me onstage or in a music video, but that's only a part of the story," the 'C'Mon' singer told MTV News. "With this documentary series I'm revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like. It's not all glamorous but it's all real."

The show is set to premiere in April, but a clip has been released, showing a clearly exhausted but exhilarated Kesha following a live performance. She chugs water -- not whiskey! -- and asks how she did ... then goes back to the Cannibal Queen we know and love, yelling, "Party for a living!"

Get ready, Animals!