Natalia Bryant, the 19-year-old daughter of late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, has filed for a restraining order against a 32-year-old stalker.

Natalia filed for the order in Los Angeles on Monday (Nov. 21), according to NBC News.

The man, Dwayne Kemp, reportedly began stalking Natalia two years ago when she was just 17.

Kemp allegedly began harassing Natalia via social media in 2020, sending her messages as if they were in a romantic relationship. He also allegedly threatened to make contact with her offline.

NBC reports Kemp allegedly sent Natalia a photo of her father in July 2021 and insinuated he hoped they could have a "Kobe-like child" together.

"Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe,’" the message allegedly read.

On Twitter, a fan quote-tweeted what appears to be a video of Kemp wearing a "Gigi Bryant bracelet," referring to Natalia's younger sister who died in the same helicopter accident that killed Kobe on Jan. 26, 2020.

According to reports, Kemp attempted to track down Natalia in person at the University of Southern California campus multiple times, as recently as Nov. 2.

After trying to contact Natalia in person, Kemp, a gun enthusiast, threatened to buy two AK-47 firearms online. On Instagram, Kemp posted that he was hoping to purchase a "Glock Switch," a firearm that is illegal to possess. On Nov. 9, Kemp allegedly posted three videos to Instagram and Facebook showing him attempting to purchase a rifle.

TMZ reports Kemp showed up at Natalia's sorority house and at one of the USC buildings she attends class in, where he was allegedly spotted roaming around with flowers.

Documents allege Kemp's escalating behavior has been witnessed by several others, including USC campus police, USC faculty and members of Natalia's sorority. Campus police and the LAPD said the stalking has caused Natalia "substantial emotional distress."

Kemp has allegedly been arrested and/or convicted four different times. One arrest involved the use of a firearm.

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