While at LAX, Korn singer Jonathan Davis was stopped and asked about the band's new 'Spike in My Veins' video, which is laden with images of Miley Cyrus and other icons of current pop culture.

Davis offered a bit of a deeper explanation, one that sounds like a conspiracy theory that could be a little cray cray.

In the video, the hard rock frontman suggests that our obsession with celebrities is something that our government leaders exploit so that they can undermine our freedoms since we are looking the other way, ensconced in the lives and times of the rich and famous.

It's, uh, interesting, to stay the least.

"Our government uses those people to detract from what's really going on... you get really interested in their lives," the singer said.

Their video is meant to wake people up. He also says he doesn't blame the likes of Cyrus or Kanye West, pretty much likening them to government pawns by virtue of public interest in their lives.

Watch the video interview above for his explanation…

You can also watch the music video here.

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